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Volunteer for Allied

At Allied Hospice, we consider the chance to be involved in the lives of our patients and families both a sacred opportunity and a privilege. The love, respect and care our hospice volunteers provide is vitally important to our patients’ overall well-being during challenging times.

Allied Hospice volunteers offer support, companionship and practical, compassionate help. Some interact directly with patients and families. Others prefer to work behind the scenes in the office setting. As a volunteer, you help determine which tasks you’re best suited to perform. The tasks of volunteers include:

Helping with office support tasks at the agency

Reading, or providing a comforting touch

Providing special veteran volunteer support to patients who are veterans

Running errands for patients and families

Playing or singing soothing music to patients

Providing special veteran volunteer support to patients who are veterans

Staying with patients so family members can get a much-needed rest

Keeping vigil with patients in their final hours

These and other tasks are why hospice volunteers are such an essential part of the Allied Hospice Experience.

Becoming a Volunteer

When you become a volunteer, we will provide you with a detailed orientation to the hospice program, so you will fully understand our caring philosophy and goals and have the skills needed to assist patients and their families. As an Allied Hospice volunteer, you can donate as much or as little of your time as you desire. The duties vary so that you find an area or service that is uniquely suited to you.

To find out more about Allied Hospice’s Volunteer Program, contact your local Allied Hospice